About Ed

Is the web still a mystery to you? Don’t know an RSS feed from a pingback? What about all those fussy Facebook settings? And how on earth can I use a blog to raise my Google rankings?

These are topics that Ed Justen can help you understand. With nearly a decade of training and teaching experience, he has worked with computer users of all levels, helping to demystify the web, edit and organize content and text copy, and develop clear and concise messages that work well on websites and traditional marketing materials.

Ed can help you

  • decide on a website strategy for your personal or small business use
  • build and manage your personal or small business web site
  • use photos, movies, and other media create to create engaging content
  • create and update engaging blogs and podcasts
  • increase your online presence
  • understand and build a social media strategy
  • evaluate your current web site for clarity and conciseness
  • ghost-write your blog or web copy

For more information, contact Ed at 978.340.3346, by e-mail, edjusten104@gmail.com, or by using Twitter, LinkedIn, or You Tube.

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